The FLORESE Portable Waterless Diffuser

The Ultimate in Portable Waterless Diffusion

Purer Stronger Aroma Experience

Using professional-grade nebulizing oil diffusion; essential oils are diffused in the purest form delivering a stronger fragrance and stronger aromatherapy experience.

Aromatherapy Anywhere, Anytime

Featuring the latest built-in USB rechargeable lithium battery, this small-sized portable diffuser can be taken anywhere and used anytime.

Clean Nebulizing Diffusion 

No water; just pure clean nebulized oil diffusion - free from nasties like bacteria, mold, and particles.  Preserving the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Elevate your aromatherapy with the FLORESE Portable Waterless Essential Oil Diffuser.

Portable. Small size fits into car cupholder

Cordless and compact, this USB-rechargeable battery-operated essential oil diffuser can be used around the home, at work, while traveling, or in the car.Allowing you to experience the benefits of aromatherapy anywhere, anytime.

This innovative waterless essential oil diffuser uses the latest professional-grade nebulizing technology to release a fine cool mist composed entirely of pure essential oils, resulting in a much stronger, pure aroma dispersed throughout the air without heat or water. Maintaining the therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Nebulized diffusion allows you to experience the uncompromised quality of pure essential oils directly from the essential oil bottle.

Small but powerful fragrance. This small essential oil diffuser can fill a room up to 700 ft. in size with fragrance.

Can operate for up to 20 hours once charged via the USB port. 


Features & Benefits

Portable. Small size fits into a car cupholder

Cordless. With Wireless Built-in USB Rechargeable Lithium Battery

Clean Pure  Professional Grade Nebulizing Diffusion Technology

Powerful. Can fragrance a room up to 700 ft. in size

Waterless. Anti-Mold

Pure Cold Diffusion. No Heat.

No Leaks. No Spills. No Mess.

Long Battery Life. Can operate up to 20 hours fully charged.

3 Hours Auto Shut-Off

3 Levels of Fragrance-Intensity

Whisper Quiet (less than 30dB)

Easy One Touch Operation

Easy Refill & Clean

LED Mood lighting

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